Meet Lynn Yao, the founder of Amy Lynn!


Lynn shares her secrets for building a successful brand and talks about her journey from China to London. 

When did you first realise you wanted to pursue a career in fashion?

My love for fashion was passed on from my parents who provided production services for many brands in the 1990s. I was able to experience the creativity of fashion first hand and able to learn the technical aspects and the importance of open dialogue with the customer.

I graduated from the Central Saint Martins as a fashion designer. After, I moved to the Royal Holloway School and University of London where I gained my masters degree. 

What defines Amy Lynn brand and what makes it stand out?

Amy Lynn is business venture that myself and my sister - Amy, launched in 2013. It is a very personal project and definitely a reflection of our roots both in terms of the fashion business as well as the Chinese craftsmanship. Amy Lynn is a re-imagination or our heritage that combines easy to wear pieces with Chinese touches of fabrics and regional make. 

What is your role within the company?

I act as the global CEO and oversee the offices in London, California as well as of course China. I am in charge of the finance and everyday operations. I am also very much involved in the design process that I always wish to keep as personal as possible. 

What is your secret of being able to work in different time zones?

I live with my family in London and I travel internationally for work a lot, which I love! In China, I spend approximately 10 weeks every year - both for work and holidays.

My secret is that I am very lucky to have a fantastic team that I can rely on! Everyone knows everyone and everyone gets along. We communicate a lot and ensure that we are all in the loop, especially during the times of business travels.

Other than that, where possible I try to beat the jet lag by gradually getting onto the time zone to which I am about to travel. If that fails, my only advice is to drink plenty water. That always helps! 

Describe Amy Lynn Girls in 5 words

Feminine, effortlessly chic, natural, empowered, confident. This is how I wish for all the girls to feel!

What are your plans for Amy Lynn?

I wish for Amy Lynn to grow as a brand and as platform for the female empowerment. This is my daily motivation. 

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Amy Lynn