Our trips to China

Our brand curator, Koby Heal, tells us everything about her trips to China.

Why do you travel to China?

I’ve been lucky enough to travel to China for  work for several years and I honestly never tire of it!
As brand curator, I travel to Guangzhou to source new fabrics and prints and to visit our in house manufacturers and China office. I also take time to visit our knit wear suppliers to look at all new samples and go through up and coming trends with them. When in Guangzhou I always stay in the same part of town, close to the fabric and accessories market which is crucial as I’m there almost every day!

How do you get around Guangzhou?

I travel to the market by metro which is much faster than taking a taxi, and head straight into the hustle and bustle.. it’s a true assault on the senses in all the right ways! Each part of this sprawling market specialises in different types of fabrics and prints and I always try to go with my assistant from the China office as it’s like a maze and very easy to get lost! Armed with my lists and mood boards on my phone we gradually work our way around.

What’s your favourite place in the city?

The accessories hall is my favourite place.. here you can source every imaginable trim in every imaginable colour and finish.. as I’m a bit of a Pom Pom lover like a magpie I’m always drawn to these no matter what season we’re sourcing for! However, we try to walk as much as possible as although Guangzhou is a huge sprawling city there are some beautiful parks offering some tranquil respite.

Sounds like a hectic day! Do you ever take breaks?

Of course! When the heat gets too much to handle, we usually head to a nearby trusty Starbucks for a much needed iced coffee and an air conditioned catch up of what’s needed.

Screenshot 2019-02-18 at 15.12.10.png

And finally, after a visit to the office and sample room to say hi to the China team and to check on the progress of samples that I’ve requested, it’s back to the hotel and to the best part of the day...dinner!

Amy Lynn