Amy Lynn Tours - Reutlingen 🇩🇪

First stop of the Tours - Reutlingen!

What do we like about Reutlingen?

Its charming little streets and pretty medieval houses make Reutlingen a picture-perfect town through which everyone would enjoy strolling. Not to mention all the countless shops and restaurants bursting tempting German flavours at every turn! Love it.

What do we reaaaally like about Reutlingen?

Breakfast, of course (or should we say: Frühstück ?) ! Our “Amy Lynn Girl”, Martina (@marty_muse) took us straight to Padeffke - the most yummy and cozy café in town! “There’s no better way than starting the day with coffee and pretzels here” she says.

Well yes… dumplings will forgive us, but this giant twist does look like something we’d fall in love with, indeed 😬

What is Martina wearing?

The Madison dress. A statement piece on our hit list, this stunning mesh dress comes with a cute embroidered neck detail and black slip for easy layering. No matter if you like pretzels or not, make sure you add this to your wardrobe for an edgy update on your usual black dress.

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