Everything About Chinese Peach Blossom Festival

As it is widely known, China welcomed 2019 as the Year of Pig. Because of that, many different festivals, activities and overall events are going to be especially adjusted to embody the year’s true spirit. One of those being The Peach Blossom Festival, which takes place annually between the months of March and April in the region of Nanhui, Shanghai. 

Even though the festival mainly focuses on the trees - their amazing beauty and smell, there are many other activities a visitor can enjoy such as those involving the pigs! Usually there are pig races and diving competitions but one can only wonder what this year’s celebration will bring. China is known for its grand festiveness so we can definitely expect a spectacular twist on the tradition. 


The pigs are considered an entertainment along with showmen and many others. Besides them, there is much more to take in: traditional music, food, dancing, theatrical activities and so on. Tourists come from all over the world to experience The Peach Blossom, and they are never disappointed. The festival embodies what freedom and longevity mean to Chinese people. It is all about love and fighting all evil. Chinese culture through and through, that’s what it is!

Whereas to tourists it’s simply a great way to get to know their eastern neighbours culture and to understand their tradition. 

Peach trees originated in China and have been cultivated there since the earliest of times. Experiencing their blossoming makes everyone a part of that history, bit by bit, too.

Amy Lynn