Australia Needs Our Help
Like all of you we at AL have been watching the news unfold in Australia with heavy hearts. The images are truly shocking and we cannot even begin to imagine the suffering and devastation that these raging fires are causing. Wildlife is being destroyed almost to the point of extinction, whilst whole communities are being displaced with their homes being burnt to the ground. 
People are sleeping on isolated beaches to escape the deadly smoke and koalas limp desperately through the flames to the nearest passing humans reaching out to them for help.. these images will stay etched on our consciousness for ever.
So far 8.5 million hectares of Australian land has been burned. Thats more than the Amazon and Californian fires combined and its not over yet. It’s estimated that over half a billion animals have been killed just in NSW alone.
We are all in this together. 
We can still make a difference no matter how big or small.
People across the world are uniting like never before and we are joining them by pledging to donate ALL proceeds from our online sales on Sunday 12 January to WWF Australia.
WWF Australia is working tirelessly to save injured wildlife and to restore their homes and habitat once the fires are over. Head over to their IG account to see the work that they are doing and for more information about how all of us can help.