Spring Shades

Listen up lavender lovers!

Lilac is the colour of the season and is the perfect way to slowly ease yourself into more vibrant summer hues.

Dubbed the 'Millennial Purple' in 2020 lilac has continued to be one of fashions biggest trends and shows no sign of disappearing any time soon.

Not only the perfect shade to colour block from head to toe this colour works so well when paired with even brighter colours such as bubblegum pink or vibrant yellow. Too much? Try pairing with white or pale silver greys for a more elegant look.

Another hot shade right now is yellow. Not a colour for blending into the background but right now yellow is having a b it of a moment!

A colour that encompasses so many shades from pale lemon sorbet to tangy citrus to orangey sunsets there's a shade to suit everyone.. even the most colour shy!

And after a year like no other what better colour to embrace other than the colour of optimism, happiness, sunshine and warm brighter days?

Uplifting colours are everywhere right now but don't worry if bright colours aren't your thing! Introduce some colour into your wardrobe slowly, a subtle pop of colour here and there can totally lift your mood and elevate your outfit.

Here at Amy Lynn we're celebrating warmer days and a return to meeting up with friends and loved ones and what better way to do that than by injecting some colour!